About the blog

We are a group of PhD students at the Evolutionary Biology Center of Uppsala University who decided to organize an open for all discussion group about gender, and gender related issues in science, academia, and society in general.

As an unfolding of this interest, the gender perspectives in science blog came to be. Our goal here is to discuss, analyze and problematize gender and gender related issues. We aim to give space to different voices in the hopes of highlighting the diversity of backgrounds and ensuing views on a range of topics related to gender. The views expressed in each article reflect the opinions of its author alone, but we try to ensure that the core message remains positive and liberating.

If you’re interested in contributing a piece of writing about issues related to gender in science, academia and/or society in general, please shoot us an email:
group [at] genderperspectivesinscience.xyz  

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings! See our schedule here.